Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Paying tribute to me, is a way to show your commitment to me and proof that your ready to explore your B.D.S.M. life

Adopt a bill:

Mortgage:  $800    OWNED TEXAS ROSIE

Car payment:  $200

Car insurance  $250

Electric: $300

Internet: $65       

Cell phone: $100   

Trash service  $40

Water/gas: $40

Netflix   $30    OWNED BY RadomMAN

gym membership  $45

other/food/etc  $500

Being a goddess  $priceless  but you can try 

Amazon wish list


 You may tribute any amount, I love to go shopping, acquire new toys for my dungeon or you can just make me smile. The choice is yours.


Help us with the dungeon remodel

 It has served us well but its time to freshen things up, looking to buy and build new items,,need new lighting and sound system,, lumber for new stations,, paint and supplies ext   

                            We estimate that the hole upgrade should run about                                                                        $2000 


Also if you have an idea or a object you would like to see and enjoy in the dungeon let us know

Any Tribute for this is greatly appreciated and thank you all