Goddess Divine Misery

I am Divine Misery or as some know me as the Madame of Misery. California native born and raised. I have been a part of the lifestyle for most of my life. I was trained as a Professional Dominatrix by my mother. Who was a leading member in the dominatrix community on the west coast now retired.

In the early 2000s I moved from northern California to the Carolinas and opened up my own

Play Space/Dungun

The Dungun is always evolving, new items come in and old items go out so there’s always something new to try and you’re always welcome to bring your own toys to play with as well

My playroom is on a 1 acre of private property completely fenced in with security gate it is fully equipped to handle all matters of this lifestyle and is designed to help you feel relaxed and comfortable when spending your time with me. { outdoor play is aloud }

My role as a professional dominatrix is to help you explore YOUR FETISH OR B.D.S.M. FANTASY

a myth I hear a lot and many do believe is that it’s all about what I want. All session are based on your individual needs

What are my favorite fetishes, I get asked this a lot and still don’t have a good answer, so i just say the truth being able to do this,
I love what i do, love meeting new people, every session is different and even to this day there’s always something new

now with that being said if you are nervous or unsure or feel weird about what you think you want to explore, chances are i’ve seen it done it and yes i can help with that

I am 4 foot 9 inches tall and i weigh 100 lbs. ,so no need to be scared, I’m the perfect little package to submit to, so when your ready

Owned by Divine

This gallery is for those who have shown me to be loyal obedient and disserving of being called mine

Maggot Stella

Rosie Al

to come

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